Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Crochet Jacket

I love this jacket! A couple years ago, I bought the Crochet a Day Calendar & this idea was the only thing that I found of interest in the whole 365 days of patterns in there!
It took me a long time (past the season to wear it) & some big buck$ of yarn (after all it was for me & not for resale- I'm worth it!).
I really enjoyed working on it- it feels so good, but it is VERY heavy!

hmmm... excessive use of exclamation points... perhaps a little too exuberant over this garment.


Commonly Cheap said...

Wow, congrats on accomplishing such a laborious task. It does look very heavy! I tried to knit myself a cardigan once and found that I could only make a vest. I can't seem to do arms. One thing though, do you think that it looks like you have a big bullseye on your back?

Sandy said...

Commonly Cheap, YES I do! (re: bulls eye comment) As a matter of fact, the close-up shot of the back on Flickr is named just that :)